Immigration Practice Areas

Idaho Falls Immigration Attorney

Green CardsWe assist many individuals, including family members of permanent residents and citizens, with their green card applications.

Citizenship and Naturalization: We assist immigrants in getting U.S. citizenship.

Asylum: We help those who face threats and violence in their home countries.

Other: We assist with K-1 Visas (fiance visas), Deferred Action (Dream Act/DACA), Temporary Protected Status, I-601 waivers, obtaining green cards or visas for business owners and investors, and all other paths to visas and green cards.

While we happily assist clients with criminal backgrounds and often process their Green Card and other applications, we do not do any criminal work.  If you have been arrested for an alleged crime and are already in the deportation process, we will not be able to help you.  We recommend you find in an attorney who specializes both in criminal cases and in immigration cases.

Please contact us at 208-206-1475.  We are conveniently located in downtown Idaho Falls and in Pocatello.