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Immigration attorney Tim Jones, with offices in Idaho Falls and in Pocatello, assists individuals and businesses with their immigration law needs. Most of our clients live in Eastern Idaho–Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Rexburg, Driggs, Victor, and other nearby towns. We also serve clients in Jackson, Wyoming, Star Valley, Wyoming, and other locations throughout Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.

Our services include assistance with green cards and permanent residency, citizenship, asylum, fiance visas, U-visas, and a wide variety of visas and other services.

Additionally, if you’re not sure of your eligibility for a change of immigration status, we offer 30-minute consultations where our Idaho Falls immigration lawyer, Tim Jones, can tell you if you’re eligible.

Most immigration matters can be divided into one of two categories. One category can lead eventually to citizenship; the other leads to a work permit but nothing more.

Green cards, provisional green cards, and K-1 visas can lead to citizenship. These are usually obtained through the sponsorship of a family member or fiance, or through the sponsorship of an employer. K-1 visas (the fiance visa) and provisional green cards typically lead to permanent residency (a “normal” green card). If you hold permanent residency for long enough, you’re able to apply for naturalization. Tim Jones has experience in all of these processes and can assist you in the application process.

Deferred status, also known as DACA, and various work visas are available to many individuals who are unable to obtain green cards. If you entered the U.S. before your 16th birthday and you’ve graduated from high school, you may be eligible for DACA, which allows you to work inside the U.S. legally. If you have an employer who wants to hire you, you may be able to obtain a work visa.

Students, investors, individuals from specific countries, refugees, and victims of crimes who cooperate with the police may be eligible for various visas. Your immigration attorney can help you determine if you are eligible.

Tim Jones is the attorney at Idaho Immigration Law, practicing out of Pocatello and Idaho Falls. He is licensed to practice law in Idaho, and is able to practice immigration law throughout the United States. He is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Idaho Falls Immigration Attorney