Avoid Workplace Raids

Bad news for employers who hire immigrant workers: if your workers aren’t 100% legal, the risk of workplace raids has just gone way up. More information here.

What can you do about it?

You can apply for work visas for your work force.

Companies that have large seasonal needs are often able to fill these using immigrant workers, here on seasonal visas. The workers enter the U.S., work for several months, and at the end of the season return home. If ICE tries a workplace raid, they’ll find legitimate, legal workers. You won’t lose most of your work force because of an ICE raid, and you won’t risk facing criminal charges if a raid occurs. You’ll still get hardworking employees, but they’ll be legal. Landscapers, farmers, and many other employers who rely on seasonal workers have some good options. Be aware, however, that these are time sensitive. Companies will need to start the process in September or October in order to get seasonal visas for the following summer season.

You may be able to fill non-seasonable jobs with an eligible immigrant, too, especially if that job requires a college degree.

If you’re an employer with seasonal needs, do it right and get workers here on seasonal visas.