USCIS fees will probably increase soon

Anyone who’s applied for a green card knows how expensive USCIS filing fees can be. They’re likely to become even more expensive. According to USCIS, they’ll likely go up 21% within the next few months. That’s a substantial amount.

Do yourself a favor. If you’re currently eligible for an immigration status (a green card, naturalization, DACA, or whatever else) consider applying for it now, instead of waiting and paying more later.

And yes, I do charge flat rates for my work. But those flat rates will need to go up a bit too, because I typically include the filing fee in my quote. So a $2,000 quote may be $2,200 in a couple of months.

Why are the rates (likely) increasing? When you pay a USCIS fee, it allows USCIS to operate without tax dollars. But the value of money decreases over time. Additionally, according to the above-liked USCIS report, part of your fee goes to pay for asylum fees (asylum doesn’t have a filing fee). Asylum claims are backed up–they’re supposed to be decided quickly, but there’s currently a backlog of several years. Perhaps the additional funds will help clear that backlog up.

In any case, consider filing now while it’s cheaper.