TN Visas

People from Canada and Mexico who have a bachelor’s degree in a certain subject, and who have an eligible job offer in the U.S., have a relatively simple way to get a 3-year visa that’s renewable indefinitely. This is called the TN Visa.

Most of the eligible positions are math, science, technology, or medicine related, although there are a few that aren’t (such as hotel manager, landscape architect, and social worker). An immigration attorney can help you determine whether a job position is eligible.

The requirements are a bit different depending on whether the immigrant is from Mexico or from Canada. Specifically, those from Canada can apply at the border and do not typically need a visa as long as they meet the requirements.

Typically, the job position must require the specific bachelor degree. So, for example, an immigrant from Mexico with a degree in Biology will need to get a job that actually requires a Biology degree.

The spouse and minor children can join the TN Visa holder, but they cannot work while in the U.S.

Unlike most work visas, TN Visa applicants can pay for their visas themselves. Alternatively, their potential employer can pay for the visa. Additionally, attorney fees for a TN Visa are typically lower than for most other kinds of work visas.