The I-864 and the I-864A

So you’re getting a family-based green card. Your relative doesn’t make enough to sponsor you, so you find some family friends (or perhaps more distant relatives) to be joint sponsors. They both fill out the I-864, right?

Not quite.

If, for example, a married couple becomes the joint sponsors, you’ll need the following forms to be signed by sponsors:

  1. An I-864 from your main sponsor. Even if they don’t make enough money, they still need to acknowledge that they’ll support you. They still need to do an I-864.
  2. An I-864 from one of the joint sponsors.
  3. An I-864A from the other joint sponsor. The I-864A allows the income of the first joint sponsor to be combined with the income of the second joint sponsor.

These forms are in addition to the I-130, I-485, and everything else USCIS requires.

As always, make sure you go to the appropriate USCIS website to pull up the forms. If you get the forms from somewhere else, they might be outdated and unacceptable.

And of course, make sure to include all the correct paperwork: taxes, proof of income, identification, and everything else that’s required. And follow the instructions at the USCIS website carefully. It’s very easy to make mistakes here.

Make complete copies of your application before you mail it to USCIS.

The easiest way to apply for a green card, of course, is to find an immigration attorney in Idaho Falls to handle everything. There will be less of a chance of getting a RFE (Request for Evidence) from USCIS, and you’ll be able to get your green card faster.