Seasonal H-2B Visas

Business owners in places like West Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, as well as the Idaho Falls and Pocatello areas, should be aware of a variety of visas for their hiring needs. One useful type is the H-2B Visa, or seasonal visa. Examples of workers include landscaping workers, hotel and resort workers, and most other non-agricultural seasonal positions (a different but similar visa exists for seasonal agricultural visas). Here are some pros and cons of the H-2B Visa:

Pros of the H-2B Visa:

  1. Useful for the entire season. If your season runs from April through October, the H-2B season can cover the entire time. At the end of the season, workers typically go back home, although you can apply for them to come back again the next season.
  2. Useful if you already know who you want working for you. You don’t need to go through an agency for these. Of course, if you don’t already have workers, an immigration attorney who does H-2B Visas should be able to point out recruiting companies that can help.
  3. Useful if you’re looking to hire a large number of individuals for the same position.
  4. Useful if you want hard-working individuals, and not just kids who come to have a good time.

Cons of the H-2B Visa:

  1. You have to begin the process well ahead of time.
  2. It’s relatively expensive if you’re just looking for one worker.
  3. You have to first prove that you tried looking for workers already in the U.S. but you couldn’t find enough qualified individuals.
  4. The application process is complex and requires that you get the timing exactly right.

If you want workers for the upcoming summer season, you’ll need to start the process in September or October. If you have questions or would like a quote, give us a call.