Investment Green Cards in Eastern Idaho

If you have enough money, and you don’t have any disqualifying factors (for example, a criminal background) you are probably eligible for a green card.

What are the steps?  First, you need to invest in a commercial enterprise in the U.S.  Second, you need to hire at least ten full-time employees.  And of course you need to hire an immigration attorney to handle the immigration paperwork and to advise you on how to move forward.

How much do you need to invest?  One million dollars.  However, if that exceeds your budget, you can invest in a commercial enterprise in a rural area for half that much.  What’s rural?  The rules are complicated, but, as of December 2014, the following areas in Eastern Idaho are not rural: Bonneville County, Bannock County, Jefferson County, Butte County, Franklin County, and Rexburg.

The most populous area in Eastern Idaho that is considered rural?  Bingham County.  Meeting the requirements for getting an investment visa are much easier if you’re setting up shop in Shelley (15 minutes from Idaho Falls) or Blackfoot (30 minutes from Pocatello).  It’s “rural,” but it’s not isolated.

You don’t need to invest the $1,000,000 or $500,000 all at once.  You’ll need to make a serious investment initially–and then make the full investment within two years of receiving your conditional green card.

If you have the finances and wish to move to the U.S., and other immigration opportunities are not available (or take too long), consider getting an investment visa.  You’ll have a conditional green card for two years, which you can then turn into permanent residency, and, if you wish, citizenship.  And of course your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 21 can come too.

You’ll probably want to hire two attorneys–an Idaho Falls immigration attorney and a business attorney.  Because of the business and investment elements, the investment immigration process tends to be more complex and more expensive than most other methods.  However, unlike many other methods, there is no line to wait in.  There’s a limit on how many investment visas get handed out, but the limit is rarely, if ever, met.

Of course, the rules are more complex than this.  If you have the money to invest, you have money to hire an attorney.  That will be money well-spent.

Give Idaho Immigration Law, your Idaho Falls immigration attorney, a call in order to begin the process.