H-2A Visas

Agricultural employers–farmers, ranchers, and others–who have seasonal employee needs can use H-2A visas to bring workers into the U.S. Unlike other seasonal visas, there is no limit to how many H-2A visas can be issued.

The H-2A visa process is quite complex. Part of the process involves advertising the position to American workers. Simple mistakes can cause delays and can result in your application being denied. For the best rates and results, we recommend that you hire us to assist you at least four months prior to your employees starting work. If necessary, we can attempt do an H-2A case in as little as 60 days; however, the cost will be higher and there’s a high probability your case will take longer, meaning your workers won’t have visas as quickly as you want them to.

While you can use an H-2A visa to bring just one worker into the U.S., the process is much cheaper per employee if you bring in more workers.

As an H-2A employer, you will need to provide housing for your employers, and you will need to pay for transportation costs and reimburse your employees for the visa fees. You cannot charge them for any of the fees involved in getting them the visa.

Your employees will work the months you need them to work, and at the end of the season they will return home. You can hire these same employees year after year–they’ll work here when there’s work and return home in the winter.

Attorney Tim Jones has experience handling seasonal visas and can handle your H-2A case from start to finish. He offers flat rates, and he assists agricultural employers in Eastern Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.