Democrat Presidential Candidates and their Stance on Immigration

There are just a handful of candidates running for president from the Democrats. While there’s every chance that another major candidate might jump in, right now the only two actual candidates who are polling above 2% or so are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

  1. Hillary Clinton supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. This sets her very much apart from all of the Republican candidates (although several of the more moderate Republican candidates favor a pathway to legalization, none have stated publicly that they favor a pathway to citizenship). However, her immigration stance hasn’t always been so immigrant-friendly. It’s not clear that immigration issues are a priority for her.
  2. Bernie Sanders also supports a pathway to citizenship. However, he’s against expanding the number of temporary work permits, perhaps due to the fact that employers often exploit temporary workers.

Both major Democrat nominees are in favor of a pathway to citizenship. Of course, the question then becomes–what kind of a priority is this for them, and would they be able to convince Congress to move forward on the issue. If any other major candidates emerge–Republican, Democrat, or Independent–I’ll review their stances on immigration here.