Attorney Tim Jones handles asylum cases in Idaho Falls and Pocatello, and throughout Eastern Idaho and parts of Wyoming and Montana.

Asylum is one of the most complex kinds of immigration law. It’s complex enough that some local immigration attorneys don’t go near it. Our preferred resource for asylum cases is a book that’s 1,598 pages long–and that’s just the starting point. Each asylum case is unique. Each involves a substantial amount of research, both in books and online.

A good asylum case takes more time and effort from an attorney than an average green card or fiance visa case. That means attorney fees will be a bit higher. Fortunately, there is currently no filing fee for asylum cases, and so the overall cost probably won’t be much higher than other immigration work. Keep in mind, though, that if you want your asylum case done well, it will most likely cost a few thousand dollars. Beware of anyone who promises you cheaper prices. Make sure you’re hiring a real immigration attorney. keeps a directory of immigration attorneys–check the website to make sure your attorney is listed there.

Tim Jones has handled various asylum cases where the immigrant was persecuted in his or her country due to religion, political opinion, and sexual orientation. He has also handled asylum cases that involved honor killings and domestic violence.

If you believe you might have an asylum case, don’t procrastinate. Too much procrastination can possibly make you ineligible for asylum. Speak to an immigration attorney immediately to get started.