Asylum and Other Relief

Idaho Immigration Law assists clients seeking need-based relief. This includes:

  1. Asylum. If you’re at risk because your home country is persecuting you or is refusing to protect you when someone else is persecuting you, you may be eligible for asylum. We regularly do asylum cases. Potential cases include victims of domestic violence, those belonging to persecuted religious minorities, members of the LGBTA community, those belonging to persecuted political groups, members of persecuted racial or ethnic groups, and others in similar situations. These are complex cases, but they can lead to a green card and eventually citizenship. We’ve handled many of these.
  2. DACA/Dream Act. While DACA has been discontinued by President Trump, there may be some future relief available to DACA recipients and those in similar situations. We’ve handled many DACA cases in the past, and If and when a new program is made available, you can be certain we will be working with clients who qualify for it.
  3. Temporary Protected Status (TPS). This program is for individuals from certain countries where dangerous conditions exist. The list of countries is constantly changing, and applicants must already be in the U.S. when they apply for this program.
  4. U Visas. These are for victims of certain crimes who have been harmed while in the U.S. (usually, but not always, physically harmed) and have assisted the police and/or prosecutors. These currently have an extremely long wait time, but are still a good option for many victims.
  5. Green Cards for Refugees and Asylees. Even better than getting refugee or asylum status is getting Permanent Residency. This is a necessary step on the way to citizenship.